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The taxi always arrives on time.
You can count on it.

We will take you in a modern car of a higher class.

In our cars it is possible to pay by card.

Price list Taxi Prostějov

We have newly set up an mPOS payment terminal for you, with which you can pay for services cashless by card or contactlessly. The price for the service does not increase when paying by card.

Basic price list

The first 2 km drive

Entry rate CZK 18,-
Fare at the rate CZK 40,-/km
Waiting at the rate CZK 6,-/min

Continuation of the rate

Fare at the rate CZK 28,-/km
Waiting at the rate CZK 5,-/min

The waiting price in the basic rate includes operating waiting (slow driving in heavy traffic).

Approximate prices of longer routes

Prostějov - Olomouc
( center )
CZK 550,-
Prostějov - Vyškov CZK 800,-
Prostějov - Brno
( center )
CZK 1.800,-
Prostějov - Prague CZK 7.000,-
Prostějov - Prague
(Václav Havel Airport)
CZK 7.500,-
Prostějov - Vienna
CZK 5.600,-

Trucking Prostějov

We provide transport by MAN truck with a three-way tipper.

These are mainly transport:

  • ▪ coal
  • ▪ gravel
  • ▪ sand
  • ▪ other building materials

The car has a load capacity of 4 tons and the dimensions of the cargo section for 6 pallets.

Metoděj Hromek IČO: 474 676 51
5. května 42 E-mail:
796 01 Prostějov Mobil: (+420) 602 703 403, (+420) 777 563 403

Contact Taxi Prostějov

602 718 042
602 718 040


TaxiPv s.r.o.
Marie Majerové 426/89
798 11 Prostějov - Vrahovice

Vratislav Hromek
Mobil: (+420) 724 331 205

IČ: 041 15 643
Č. ú.: 3936279399/0800

Company registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, Insert 88269


Vratislav Hromek
5. května 42
796 01 Prostějov

IČ: 484 635 91

Mobil: (+420) 724 331 205
Č. ú.: 1501829399/0800


Michal Hromek
M. Majerové 426/89
798 11 Prostějov - Vrahovice

IČ: 063 73 518

Mobil: (+420) 607 215 708
Č. ú.: 5065956399/0800

Ratings of our customers

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority

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Iris Zet

"A very pleasant ride. After yesterday's experience in Olomouc (terrible taxi service and a horrible driver who didn't even know where to go), I was very pleasantly surprised by what we have here in Prostějov. A solid taxi service with a car with great equipment (Black Octavia with equipment Laurin and Klement, driver Vratislav). In the cold weather, I really appreciated the rear heated seats and the car heated to a pleasant temperature and a smooth ride. The prices correspond to the comfort."


"Great taxi, we've been going for a few Fridays... always a pro. Great. Thank you."

Lukáš Jílek

"Exactly on time, we had a pleasant chat, I was not afraid with him, a safe and professional ride"

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